One month without sweets challenge!­čść

Today I got inspired by a friend on Facebook to make a personal challange and see if I can hold myself from sweets! The truth is I have never been a great fan of sweets until several months ago, during my pragnency, when I started to crave for cookies, croissants and other unhealthy dishes. As I gave in into my cravings, I have come to the obvious conclusion that sugar creates addiction!

Therefore, I have decided that starting today I shall contain myself from any kind of food that has sugar as an ingredient for 30 days.

To make sure I fallow my plan, I’ll check in on this page at the end of each day and tag my progress. I’m hoping to prove myself that my ambition is greater than my weakness, so that I can start building healthier habbits!­čśë


Day 1- done; tempted by cappuccino but i managed to avoid it;

Day 2- done; I decided to eat an apple instead of sweets;

Day 3- done;

Day 4- done; going good;

Day 5- done;

Day 6- done;

One week( 22.11.2016)-done

Day 8-done;

Day 9-done;

Day 10-done;

Day 11-done;

Day 12-done;

Day 13-done;

2 weeks (29.11.2016)-done;

4 weeks (15.12.2016) -done.

­čśäfeels good to end the challenge and proudly see I have lost 2 kg only by not eating suggary sweets! It was a good mind-power training, as well.

Every challenge, every adversity contains the seeds of opportunity and growth- Roy Bennett


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