10 benefits of babywearing

1. Your baby will feel safe and cosy close to your skin and listening to your heartbeat;

2. A good way to calm the baby (stomac pain confort) or to put it to sleep;

3. Easy to do chores around the house and the baby will not feel neglected;

4. Easy to use for fast shopping or quickly go out for a breath of fresh air;

5. You can breastfeed in a discret way while you are out;

6. You can say goodbye to arm pain when your baby will ask to be held;

7. Studies show that baby wearing can help the emotional development of babies;

8. Good way to lose kilos and keep in shape;

9. Nice oportunity for dads to bound with the babies;

10. You can be part of the babywearing community, exchange ideas and enjoy motherhood in a more active way.


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