Winter salad with potatoes, cream, pickles and garlic


Why not try the absolut winter salad that will be great as an appetiser for the Christmas lunch but also ideal for family dinner! ­čśä

I will present to you a personal reciepe addapted from the word famous traditional potato salad. For 4 dishes you need the following ingredients:

1 can (250 g) of cream

8 cloves of garlic

1 jar of pickles (cuncumber)

1 rosted brest chicken

6 potatoes (medium sise)

1 onion

spices (mediteranean salad spices, pepper), salt, olive oil

You need to boil the potateos (cut them in big slices so that they won’t scrumble while boiling), cool them under cold water and mixt them with all the other ingredients.

Preparation time: 50 min.

Budget invested: reduced

Complexity: easy

Result: absolutely delicious!

Enjoy! ­čśä


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