10 things to do to feel better when you are really tired

1. SLEEP is the best thing to do for your mind and body to regain strenght.

2. Do YOGA or meditation. This will relax your body and free your mind from all the chatting.

3. Nice, warm, bubble bath or just a simple shower will help you release the tension.

4. Chat with your best friend about usual stuff just to feel reconnected and at ease – it will get your mind off the thoughts of the day.

5. Take a walk in the park and enjoy the moment in nature.

6. Listen to your favourite music.

7. Enjoy a cup of tea and daydream- use your imagination to dream of someting beautiful.

8. Read a good book.

9. Take a massage and nurture your body.

10. Write, sing, draw…whatever gets in touch with your creative spirit will always give you a energy boost and a feeling of happiness.

Try to avoid coffee, sugar and technology..it might make a difference 😉!



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