10 guidelines to be a good parent

Here are several ways to raise happy and emotionally healthy children:

1. Love them and love your spouse. Show them what true uncoditional love is all about.

2.Teach them empathy and the importance of compassion. Involve them in volunteering activities and kindness projects.

3. Be careful what you say and the way you say it around children. They copy what they see and hear, so it is very important to create a healthy place for them to be around.

4. Develop leadership skills and practice them with your child. This will create a good bound and teaching them different activities will be easy.

5. Talk to your child. Communication is so important in any relationship. This will make children better understand what they feel and make them aware about how they perceive the world.

6. Show them their strenghts and help them develop. See what their native talents are by involving them in games and activities.

7. Help them make friends with other great children so that they could interact, be inspired and share interests.

8. Create a balanced schedule. This way they will be able to play, socialize and learn everyday.

9. Carefully study their emotions and validate them. Children need to feel understood and secure when confronted with new situations.

10. Be an example and your child will be your mirror. Do not expect to see in your child what you are not able to do or be.




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