10 ways that lead to a happier life ­čśä


1. Complain less, act more, be productive! Action is what makes things work, so get out of your confort zone and start to build your dreams from fantasy to reality.

2. Be grateful for everything that is good in your life! Enjoy your time with your loved ones and create nice memories!

3. Eat healthy! This not only will boost your energy, but your health will be good on a long run.

4. Exercice. Go to the gim, walk, do yoga…whatever will make you sweat is good for your health and vitality. Your mood will change for sure once you start a regular training activity.

5. Spend more time in nature! The sun and some fresh air are fuel to our mind, body and spirit.

6. Read! Reading a good book or some interesting info on the internet will keep your brain active, so your immagination and memory will benefit. This will also keep you away from depression.

7. Follow your passion!┬áIf you don’t have a hobby, try to find one and stick to it! Life seems to be empty without doing what you love on a regular basis.

8. Create! Beeing creative in any possible way will give meaning to your existence and enrich your spirit.

9. Socialise! We are social beings and connecting with positive people will fullfil our need of belonging.

10. Love!┬áTrully, completly, unconditionally. Let love be your path to understanding live on it’s deeper levels. If you cannot find love for all that is around you, start loving yourself more and heal your soul wounds. Only then things change and life becomes warm like the sun on a beautiful spring day!


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