11 hobbies for personal growth

Time is the most important resource so we need to be wise about how we spend it. Below is a list of hobbies that could be both enjoyable and useful for our personal development:

1. Reading. You will expand your knowledge, memory, immagination, creativity;

2. Sports. You will stay in shape, maintain your health, sharpen your mind and learn new skills;

3. Meditation/Yoga. This is a good way to better understand your emotions and expand your awarness and emotional intelligence; Yoga will also make your body elastic and your health will benefit;

4. Games. Depending on the game type, you can build new skills; your focus capacity could improve, too;

5. Volunteering. Beeing part of the community will give value to your existance. Depending on the activity, you can learn new skills and build character;

6. Blogging. You can be sharing common interests with other people, gain knowlege, become creative, expand your horizont;

7. Learning a foreign language. This could help you in your career, it could come in hand while traveling. Also, it is good for training your brain;

8. Cooking. If you choose to cook healthy, your hole family will apreciate the effort. It is also a good way to get creative;

9. Traveling. Each trip will expand your world and your ability to perceive and understand life;

10. Learning to play an instrument. This is medicine to your neurons network; a good training for the brain;

11. Watching movies or going to the theatre. This can be a very educative activity. You can build knowledge and find inspiration.



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