10 ways to live a long and healthy life


1. Eat healthy! Make sure you reduce the amout of fat, salt, sugar and products that could affect your health. Create a diet based on veggies, fruits, fish, seeds and cereals and don’t overeat!

2. Exercise and stay in shape! Sports are a necessity for our body and mind. Stay flexible and active!

3. Read! Studies show that reading a book for 3h and an half /week will expand our life by 2 years.

4. Keep positive relationships with people, socialise and stay in touch with your loved ones.

5. Love yourself and everything that is around you! The key to a long and healthy life is to be positive and loving. Try to find a connection to spirituality.

6. Meditate, do yoga, take waks in the wood or in the mountains. Fresh air and relaxation are so good for your health. Stay away as much as possible from poluted areas.

7. Eliminate bad habbits like smoking, alcohol and drugs.

8. Hobbies will give meaning and pleasure to your everyday life so don’t lose your favourite activities along the way!

9. Keep your mind active by setting goals and keep on achiving them! You will avoid depression as you will look forward to reaching new targets.

10. Visit your doctor at least once a year. Do the anual investigations, this could save your life!


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