10 ways to live a long and healthy life

1. Eat healthy! Make sure you reduce the amout of fat, salt, sugar and products that could affect your health. Create a diet based on veggies, fruits, fish, seeds and cereals and don't overeat! 2. Exercise and stay in shape! Sports are a necessity for our body and mind. Stay flexible and active! 3. Read! … Continuă să citești 10 ways to live a long and healthy life


11 hobbies for personal growth

Time is the most important resource so we need to be wise about how we spend it. Below is a list of hobbies that could be both enjoyable and useful for our personal development: 1. Reading. You will expand your knowledge, memory, immagination, creativity; 2. Sports. You will stay in shape, maintain your health, sharpen your mind and learn … Continuă să citești 11 hobbies for personal growth

Personalitatea si compatibilitatea in relatii

Factorii genetici dar si experientele traite inca din copilarie (valori insuflate, moduri de comportament, afinitati, talente descoperite, conjuncturi sau persoane care ne-au marcat existenta etc.) ne contureaza personalitatea si stau la baza tuturor relatiilor interpersonale. Pentru a sti ce vrem, spre ce ne indreptam, care sunt cele mai bune decizii si cu cine mergem la … Continuă să citești Personalitatea si compatibilitatea in relatii

A growth mindset -the basis to fulfil your potential

"Mindest - how you can fulfil your potential", by Carol Dweck is a great guidline for improving our perception about life in every area (business, parenting, school, relationships). With relevant and various examples, the author encourages us to quit the limitting minsets that has been implanted into our belief sistem and embrace a flexible minset … Continuă să citești A growth mindset -the basis to fulfil your potential

Puterea obisnuintei- pasi spre rezultate

Pentru o viata fericita trebuie sa traim inteligent, construind deprinderi sanatoase. Si pentru ca obiceiurile sanatoase sunt atat de greu de format iar cele nesanatoase atat de greu de abandonat, am inceput sa caut sa inteleg mai bine cum functioneaza creierul uman in momentele de decizie si de "pilot automat". Asa am descoperit cartea "Puterea … Continuă să citești Puterea obisnuintei- pasi spre rezultate