11 hobbies for personal growth

Time is the most important resource so we need to be wise about how we spend it. Below is a list of hobbies that could be both enjoyable and useful for our personal development: 1. Reading. You will expand your knowledge, memory, immagination, creativity; 2. Sports. You will stay in shape, maintain your health, sharpen your mind and learn … Continuă să citești 11 hobbies for personal growth


10 ways that lead to a happier life 😄

1. Complain less, act more, be productive! Action is what makes things work, so get out of your confort zone and start to build your dreams from fantasy to reality. 2. Be grateful for everything that is good in your life! Enjoy your time with your loved ones and create nice memories! 3. Eat healthy! … Continuă să citești 10 ways that lead to a happier life 😄